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Our "sharks "scuba dives

Our professional instructors are fully qualified (Brevet d'Etat), an experienced captain is present on board and the Nitrox is free!

Our "sharks" dives in Moorea, Tahiti and Tikehau

The sharks of French Polynesia
Tahiti Shark Expéditions
With 5 million km2, French Polynesia is the largest sanctuary in the world for sharks. More than twenty species populated the lagoons, the passes, the reefs and the open sea.
Come dive and understand their behavior with Nicolas Buray, who has been studying sharks for over 20 years.

Common sharks encountered while diving are: black tip, nurse, lagoon white tip, grays, lemons, and tigers if we are lucky!

The "lemon sharks" expeditions
in Moorea

Between 8 am and noon
Treat yourself to a morning trip around Moorea to discover lemon sharks, the local star! Nicolas and his team will guide you and share their passion and anecdotes about their "protégés".

Dives accessible from Open Water Diver.
Two drift dives to choose from. Shark-oriented (or otherwise) are offered, as well as a snack among stingrays and blacktip sharks during the surface interval.

Tip: These dives and explanations of shark behavior can be done with the diving center NEMO'Z DIVING from the Intercontinental Resort & SPA of Moorea and the previous Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & SPA hotel.
  • Tahiti Shark Expéditions
  • Tahiti Shark Expéditions
  • Tahiti Shark Expéditions
  • Tahiti Shark Expéditions
  • Tahiti Shark Expéditions
  • Tahiti Shark Expéditions
  • Tahiti Shark Expéditions
  • Tahiti Shark Expéditions
  • Tahiti Shark Expéditions
  • Tahiti Shark Expéditions
  • Tahiti Shark Expéditions

The "white valley" expeditions
in Tahiti

From 8 am to mid-afternoon
This site is renowned for its number of sharks sometimes approaching sixty sharks. Those range from black tip, nurse, white tip lagoon, grays, lemons, and sometimes tigers sharks, situated on the outer reef of the island of Tahiti. Many other species of fish are regularly observed such as groups of bigeye jacks made of several thousand individuals, or even Napoleon wrasse.

Dives accessible from Open Water Diver with around twenty dives.

The distance to get there (about 1 hour of navigation) requires us to set off for the day. Two dives are planned at the "white valley" and during the crossings between Moorea and Tahiti, we keep an eye out for pelagic species.

Back to Moorea, lunch can be taken in the lagoon before returning in the middle of the afternoon.

The "sharks and mantas" expeditions "
in Tikehau

a small, still authentic atoll
Tikehau is a small yet authentic atoll located 55 minutes from Papeete and 15 minutes from Rangiroa by plane, still preserved from the "bubble factories". Its shallow pass with low current , accommodates all levels of divers.

The Mantas
Every morning a snorkeling or dive is organized around a small motu of white sand to observe the manta rays 6 to 8 meters deep. What joy for the whole family and experienced photographers! Introductions to diving are possible ...

The small Tuheiava pass allows us to easily see a good number of species of sharks safely. Coral, gray, white reef, tiger and great hammerhead sharks will brighten up your dives. On a behavioral level, the regular shark hunts in the "ature" groups will captivate you during our "sunset" dives.

Stays with accommodation can be organized on request with COCO DIVE TIKEHAU and the diver's pension, the Hotu pension.
To extend your experience of the Tuamotus islands by sailing on a catamaran, Tahiti Sail and Dive offers "à la carte" diving cruises.
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