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Our whale expeditions

For your comfort, safety and everyone's enjoyment, our services are only provided by private boat and accompanied by a naturalist guide and a professional captain. The guide will accompany you for each launch with a safety buoy. We recommend that you limit your group to 8 people.

Our "humpback whales" and "pelagics" expeditions

The "humpback whales"
Moorea Whale Expéditions
You have two options: half a day (4 hours) or full day.

If you are staying in one of the hotels on the north coast of Moorea between the Manava Resort and the Hibiscus Hotel, we will pick you up and bring you back directly by boat. If you are staying elsewhere, we will arrange the most convenient appointment for you.

In addition to whales, all the sightings proposed in the "lagoon discovery" - such as snorkeling with turtles, sharks, rays - are possible. Bring sunscreen (reef-safe if possible to respect corals), towels, windbreaker, rash vests or T-shirt for launching, .

Half a day
"humpback whales" expeditions
(July 15 to November 15)

Half a day:
Duration 4 hours (8 am to 12 pm or 1 pm to 5 pm)

The 1/2 day including:

  • safety briefing,
  • detailed explanation about whales,
  • loan of fins, mask and snorkel,
  • going in water if the behavior of the whales allows it (about 80% success per 1/2 day in season),
  • snack: fruit, tea, coffee, juice, water,
  • listen to male songs with hydrophone.
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  • Tahiti Shark Expeditions
  • Tahiti Shark Expeditions
We are as likely to observe whales in the morning than in the afternoon. Only nature can decide!

Full day
"humpback whales" expeditions
(July 15 to November 15)

Full day:
Duration 7 hours minimum (8 am to 3 pm minimum)

Advantages of the full day compared to the 1/2 day are:

  • time doesn't matter anymore,
  • go get "our own whales" and maximize the chances of being alone with them,
  • a better percentage of successful launching (around 95% per day), and getting good interactions,
  • a better chance of seeing other pelagic species (pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins, bottlenose whales ...).
In addition to snacks, we offer you a catered lunch , which includes delicious raw tuna in coconut milk. Other dishes can be planned alternatively.
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  • Tahiti Shark Expeditions
  • Tahiti Shark Expeditions
  • Tahiti Shark Expeditions
Alvaro Herrero

Capture your encounters
with a professional photographer

15'000 XPF 125 EUR 1/2 day
25'000 XPF 210 EUR full day
Just as a diving instructor cannot seriously supervise a dive and take pictures at the same time, the guide who will accompany you will ensure your safety as a priority.

It is not serious for both your diving instructor and guide to supervise a dive and take pictures at the same time. For this reason, and to ensure your safety, we offer the service of a professional freelance photographer, Alvaro Herrero (aka "Mekan"), to capture your encounters.

Find him on: mekanphotography

Book his service in advance because he can only be on one boat at a time!
The "pelagics"
Moorea Whale Expéditions
The pelagic expedition is intended for knowledgeable people who are comfortable at sea. It is carried out only by private boat.

Half a day or full day
"pelagics" expeditions
(November 16 to July 14)

1/2 day or full day
The idea is to go offshore in search of anything that protrudes from the surface: fins, jumps, blows, flock of birds, tree trunks. Then nature takes care of the rest!

Pilot whales, dolphins, mobula rays, whale sharks, oceanic sharks, silky sharks, hammerheads sharks, or other groups of tuna make us feel privileged of being able to witness the beauty of nature.

The opportunities to discover the fish aggregating devices (FADs) in fins, mask and snorkel will be available depending on the sea state. FADs are offshore anchorages at depths of up to more than 2500m initially, intended for fishermen. They attract pelagic fauna, such as mahi-mahi, king mackereles, swordfishes, ocean sharks, dolphins...
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  • Tahiti Shark Expéditions
  • Tahiti Shark Expéditions
  • Tahiti Shark Expéditions
  • Tahiti Shark Expéditions
It is possible to plan your day according to your preferences. For example at sea in the morning in the lagoon during the afternoonin the lagoon during the afternoon to have lunch and snorkel with turtles, shoal of leopard rays or scuba diving dive...
Lunch is included in the service during the day.
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